Sustainable Hook & Vine

The popular tourist town of Torquay situated at the beginning of the iconic Great Ocean Road will host Australia's first Sustainable Hook and Vine Festival on Saturday, February 28th, 2015. Coastal Event Management presents tahe first picnic style family friendly festival in the region. Dust off your picnic rug and come and relax on the lawn for the day, sampling the regions finest food and wine.


  • Rock up at 11am with your picnic rugs and chairs and grab your event showbag as you head through the door.
  • Find your spot on the lawn with family and friends
  • Take the kids off to the all inclusive kids zone to get their face painted
  • Grab your souvenir wine glass and wine tasting card and head to one of the many wine exhibitors to sample the region's great grapes
  • Or check out one of the many food vendors ranging from local pop up kitchens to gourmet food trucks
  • Then head back to your rug and sit back under the sun listening to local entertainment
  • Don't forget to stay hydrated with your free bottle of water (refillable at the hydration stations)
The inaugural Sustainable Hook & Vine Festival will be held in the Surf Coast capital of Australia, Torquay. The 2015 festival will be held on Saturday the 28th of February.  This event will not only be the first of its kind in the region, but it currently stands to be the first event of this kind in Australia, promoting sustainable seafood choices, seasonal harvesting and regional produce, plus showcasing local musical talent.  Many seafood and wine festivals exist throughout regional coastal towns in Australia, but none are yet to promote sustainable choices.  The Hook & Vine Festival will aim to casually inform patrons on how their choices can protect our oceans for the future generation, without compromising on tastes and options. Australia is behind Europe and America in terms of adopting better choices for the environment and for your health.  In the US, there are at least 9 annual sustainable seafood festivals, many of which sell out way in advance, which promote healthy oceans and sustainable choices.  In Australia the movement towards environmental sustainability is growing as the number of consumers demanding more sustainable practices from businesses builds momentum.  In today’s climate, it is preferable for a business to start up with consideration for the environment and the society in which it operates, and this event has been designed with that in mind.  Coastal Event Management will host this event with an environmental plan in place to ensure minimal impact to the environment. Torquay is situated at the beginning of the iconic Great Ocean Road in Victoria and is perfectly suited to host the first Sustainable seafood and wine festival in Australia.  Torquay is a Green town, supported by a Green shire and populated with many Green locals.  Many of the locals hold strong values and beliefs about protecting our coast and the natural environment surrounding the area and this festival will facilitate building ocean awareness.


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