Building a Better Future for Torquay with Sustainable Housing Design

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With so many houses being built in Torquay, the focus inevitably shifts to sustainability. How can we build a better future that is cost-efficient, practical, achievable, architecturally pleasing and good for the environment?

It’s a question that Tim Sonogan tackles in his business Sonogan Design, where forward-thinking sustainability is at the forefront of the company’s design strategy. “We work to prove that eco-friendly design looks good, is affordable and isn’t as difficult as it seems,” Tim says. “There are smart, efficient ways to incorporate sustainable features into your home that provide many benefits to a healthy lifestyle.”

And a healthy lifestyle is something Torquay residents know well. When asked why he chose Torquay as a location for Sonogan Design Tim answers, “The large amount of health stores, cafes and businesses targeting this lifestyle in Torquay creates a snowball effect, where everyone becomes part of a tight-knit health movement and that’s what I love about Torquay.”

Torquay is also a place, Tim reminds us, where we can see the physical world changing in front of our eyes. “Bells Beach and the Surf Coast are eroding away at an incredible rate. The extremes in weather conditions are gaining momentum and we need to act.”
This sustainable philosophy informs Tim and his partner Kate’s lifestyle also. They have just finished designing and building their own sustainable home in Torquay and have experienced the benefits of sustainable housing first-hand. “The inside temperature doesn’t fluctuate much, keeping all living areas very comfortable at all times,” Kate says. “We will barely need a heater in winter.” Tim adds to this: “Designing without sustainable principles inevitably costs you and your children more,” he says. “Why design a home that opposes our environment?”
Sonogan Design opened in 2012 and has since completed many homes in Victoria and the Surf Coast Region. The services they provide include general house planning and drafting, a full building design service (from initial design conception to building), planning and building permits, subdivisions, 3D visualisations and contract administration.
As a registered building designer, Sonogan Design are a licensed practitioner that can provide a similar service to an Architect, without the expensive price tag. Tim says that one of the favourite parts of his job is, “Meeting and networking with such a diverse range of Surf Coasters and helping guide them through the sometimes arduous building process.”
Torquay is a breeding ground for active, healthy people, trying to get the most out of their environment and is therefore the perfect location for Sonogan Design. “We are proud that what we do has a direct impact on our carbon footprint,” Tim says, following that up with a Lester Brown quote: “We did not inherit the earth from our forefathers, we are borrowing it from our children.”

Contact: Sonogan Design
 Tim Sonogan, Building Designer
Physical address: 67 Ocean View Crescent, Torquay, 3228
Postal address: PO Box 302, Torquay 3228
Opening hours: 9am – 5.30pm weekdays, all year round.

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