Advertorial Questions



1. When did you open your doors for business?

2. How did you conceive of the vision for your business? Does your business have its own unique ethos or philosophy?

3. What are the main services and/or goods you offer?

4. What sets your business apart from other competitors?

5. Tell us about the process of starting your own business. What particular challenges were you presented with?

6. What makes Torquay special? Why did you choose Torquay as a location for your business?

7. What is the greatest inspiration for your business and why?

8. What is one fun fact about your business that readers may not know?

9. What is the best part of your job?

10. What are your year-round opening hours? If your opening hours are different in summer and winter please make note of this below.

11. Please provide us with the address and contact details for your business.

12. Do you have any further information you’d like us to cover that has not been addressed by these questions? If so, please list the information below.

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